About Airserve

Airserve is a Japanese company established in October 2001, now part of the Hankyu Hanshin Toho Group. Under various incarnations, Airserve has a long experience in providing Meet & Greet and other passenger assistance services at airports in Japan. In addition, the company provides the Travel Earphone (travel dedicated communication device) rental service. The system is very useful in a broad range of situations to clearly hear and understand the guideā€™s comments while sightseeing, during field trips, international meetings and presentations.


Meet and Greet

Our friendly Meet & Greet service is available every single day of the year.
We have dedicated offices in each of the following major airports (Narita, Haneda, Nagoya Chubu, Kansai International, Osaka Itami, Fukuoka) and can adapt to sudden change of schedule or circumstances. Contact us today to know more about our airport services.


Transfer Services
Car Hire

Why not combine one of our airport services with a transfer to your hotel or meeting place? We can arrange for a taxi, private car or van to be waiting for you upon arrival at any of the 6 major airports in Japan. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or about services in secondary airports.


Activities - Tours
In Japan

Ever thought of trying your hand at real Japanese home cooking? Interested in learning to play the traditional Japanese drum "Wadaiko"?
You are a dedicated music lover, always wanted to visit a record plant then go "vinyl hunting" in the Tokyo area but did not really know where to start?
What about visiting an organic farm or tea plantation in the Kyoto area? Or are you thinking about a short "ski and hot springs" family trip not too far from Tokyo?
Look no further and check out the activities offered by Airserve.
We are working on expanding our portfolio so visit these pages regularly for the latest about our activities, we will gradually add more in several fields.


The Travel Earphone

The battery powered Travel Earphone is a compact, versatile portable digital communication device. The Travel Earphone is also very useful for communication or simultaneous interpretation during field trips, factory tours, international meetings, trade fairs or orientation sessions. It can be used during hiking or other outdoor activities as well. See our dedicated pages for more information.